Up and Coming

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Business, Media

We’ve been up and running for a few weeks new and the most common question I get is – “Who are your brands?” The answer is not so simple. Yes, we have a few brands in the wings but we won’t be able to announce anything until mid-November at this point. Things may change any day though…

In the meantime, here are a few more up and coming outdoor sites that out readers recommended:

HikingLady: The ultimate women’s-specific outdoor gear guide along with several how-to articles for beginners and experienced hikers alike.

CampingBlogger: Great how-to articles for family camping including cooking, recipes, gear, and news. This blog also touches on some trade news and trip reports as well.

DustyCamel: In its most basic form this is a blog chronicling the adventures of several through-hikers – however, the folks at The Dusty Camel have added a strong element of social responsibility to their passion for the outdoors and work to raise money to preserve wilderness areas.

CampingGearTV: Josh Turner actually recommended most of the sites in this post and he also manages a great video gear review blog called CampingGearTV where he tests and reviews footwear, apparel and gear for the outdoors. They recently produced their 100th episode.

Calipidder is a great site for trip reports if you are planning to go backpacking in California – along with some great photographs, and gear advice for exploring California’s parks and remote backcountry on foot. Based in Silicon Valley, Calipidder.com is owned and written by Rebecca Sowards-Emmerd, a self-proclaimed technology geek and backpacking addict.

The GearCaster: If there is new gear or new technology out there, Amy Jurries will find it and write it up. This site does an amazing job of staying on top of nearly every cutting edge innovation in the industry – even if some of them do seem a little silly…

The Verte Blog: This is the blog for one of the largest PR firms in the outdoor industry – Backbone Media. They do a great job of making their jobs look like 365 days of play and adventure a year, but in fact these folks work pretty darn hard.

SkiingBusiness: Ryan Dionne recently started this site covering everything the ski industry need to know. he has a long history writing for business journals in Colorado and Utah and picks up most of the news before anyone has heard it.

  1. Amy Jurries says:

    Thanks for the shout out Kris! Best of luck with the new sales agency. So awesome!

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