Ambler Mountain Works

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Business

Ambler Mountain Works

I said in my post yesterday that we could be adding a new line any day now, and it happened. It’s official – we are now working with Ambler Mountain Works! We had a great discussion with Christian Rawles yesterday and his enthusiasm, professionalism and love for the brand were so infectious that we knew this would be an amazing company to add as our first brand.

Here’s a little more about the Ambler:


Nestled deep in the beating heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains is a vibrant bustling place like no other.

“That’s according to the tourism brochures. We see it a little differently.

“Canmore, AB: we happen to have our postal code here. For a company that’s focused on comfort, warmth, and everyday- wearable-chic there’s no better place to be situated than the rugged, harsh, tourist-friendly Canadian Rocky Mountains. The wind howls. The temperature plummets. And sometimes when you set off on an epic adventure, like say, crossing the street to get another latté, you just want to wear two toques because you can.

“Ambler’s been in the business of exceptional headwear, accessories and apparel ever since the last century. We work to infuse our product with quality, imagination and creativity, and a little bit of that certain something found only at high altitudes and great coffee shops.”

Oh, yeah – did I mention that the product looks great too! We’ll have more about Ambler shortly, so stay tuned…


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