A Review of… OR Winter Show Reviews

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

OR Winter Market was certainly a huge contrast to last year and the attendance showed it. The show released preliminary numbers preliminary numbers and buyer attendance was up 11% with overall attendees increasing 16%. Since we were pretty much swamped at OR with our brands, meetings and catching up with new and old friends, here is a quick list of great OR recaps from around the industry – basically a roll call of all of the OR Reviews we found useful!

Pemba Serves and the Butterfly effect – a great overview from the 30,000 foot view

ClimbingNarc and a view of OR from a first timer

The Gear Junkie and Outside give the top 20 countdown of new gear

In case you missed the industry party and roller hockey match – Primaloft gives a great review of the Bronze Medal

UtahOutside.com has a massive amount of information on new gear and fun companies

Feed The Habit gives a thorough review

The Mountain Diva tells it like it is with her review from a business owner’s perspective

Adventure Travel on your mind this year? Check out TravelGearBlog and Practical Travel Gear for their take on OR Winter Market

Splitter Choss gives us the Climber’s perspective


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