Craghoppers and Bear Grylls

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Business, New Products, news

Venture Sports is now representing two amazing new brands in the Southeast: Craghoppers and Bear Grylls by Craghoppers. Craghoppers is one of the largest outdoor and Adventure travel apparel brands in the U.K and Europe, and now they are hopping across the pond to sell some clothing to The Colonies. Check out the full story HERE

Craghoppers has been making outdoor adventure apparel since 1965. The most iconic piece they sell is the Kiwi Trouser – each year over 1.5 million pairs are sold worldwide. The Kiwi Trouser is part of the uniform for the rangers in British National Parks. Kiwis are so well-loved, Craghoppers has received letters from customers who own 9 pairs. They are stain resistant, have a DWR poly/cotton blend and reinforced seat and knees. Basically they are bombproof pants you can wear every day outside.

While the Kiwi Trousers are the Craghoppers classics the latest technology is NosiLife – the world’s only permanent insect-repellent apparel. This fabric protects you from 90% of bug bites and never washes out.

Technologies like NosiLife and Classic Designs like the Kiwi Trousers caught the eye of one very popular Brit – Bear Grylls from Discovery Channel’s Man Vs. Wild. A few years ago Craghoppers sent Bear a pair of pants and before long he started wearing them on every expedition. Now Craghoppers produces a line of apparel named after and designed by Bear Grylls. Here’s a brief video about the line:

  1. james bender says:

    Craghoppers is the bomb! From the USA

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