JJ Reviews the Ahnu Sequoia

Posted: November 29, 2011 in New Products, news

All of my previous trail runners have gone from the box directly to the trail with no break in period necessary, I expected the Sequoia’s to be the same, and was not disappointed. My first hike was a summer day hike, 15-miles carrying a 13-pound pack equivalent to what I would carry on a 3-day summer hike. I wore Smartwool PhD Ultra Light Micro socks, daytime high was 92°F with 68% humidity, lots of sweating. Since then I’ve backpacked several 2-4 day hikes adding up to over 300 miles wearing the Sequoia’s.

Since I was wearing a new brand of shoe with Ahnu’s Neutral Positioning System, I paid particular attention to my feet, legs, back and hips for anything that didn’t feel normal. After a couple of hours of wear I stopped for a break and removed the Sequoias and socks for a visual inspection of my feet, I saw no signs of any hot spots, blistering or abrasion. I completed my hike and returned home and waited to see if the neutral positioning system had any noticeable effects on my foot bed, legs, hips or if lower back fatigue presented itself. Results: the next morning my feet, legs, hips, lower back felt fantastic. I was ready for more!

New out of the Box

After 300+ Miles

The Vibram soles provide an aggressive and excellent grip on rocks and other terrain. The soles are slightly less rigid than what I’ve worn in the past, with over 300 trail miles over various terrains including sharp talus I’ve found them to be extremely comfortable, supportive and durable while carrying a 15-18 pound pack over several days.

I found the neutral positioning system easy to adjust to, and comfortable, in fact prior to wearing the Ahnu Sequoia’s I was beginning to experience early stages of Plantar Fasciitis, since wearing the Sequoia’s I’ve had zero pain.

I’m planning an AT section hike for the summer, 670 miles, and the Ahnu Sequoia’s will be on my feet.

JJ Mathes is an ultralight backpacker and gear tester for Gossamer Gear. She is based in Atlanta, GA and can usually be found on the Trail!


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