Our Top Five Ultra-Running Podcasts

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Business, Media, news

As sales reps, we spend a lot of time on the road. That’s hours and hours of windshield time with hundreds of miles per week. Eventually music just isn’t enough. Over the years, we’ve tracked down a number of podcasts we love: news, opinion, storytelling, climbing and not surprisingly, more than one ultra-running podcast has made its way onto our playlist. Here are our picks for the best ultra-running podcasts. The ones that help the miles disappear into the rear-view mirror. The shows that keep us entertained and engaged for hours at a time while motivating us to hit the trails after a long day of selling running gear on the road.

5. Runner Academy: While not technically a trail or ultra running podcast, Runner Academy is packed with info about training to become a better runner. Hosted by Matt Johnson, a professional running coach, this podcast is distinctly self-promoting and even a bit vain at times, but the show manages to tackle some very complex training and nutrition issues is a way that everyone can understand and incorporate.

4. Elevation Trail: What do you get when you combine a sociology professor/ultra runner from New England and an elite ultra runner/coach from Colorado? Some pretty strong opinions about ultra running and a lively discussion… This podcast is clearly not afraid to piss some people off and they don’t pull their punches. Stacked with dry sarcasm and a distinctly sharp wit, Elevation trail will keep you laughing and listening.

3. Trail Runner Nation: Don Freeman, Faith Goss, and Scott Warr teamed up to produce this all-inclusive trail running community, and their podcast is always a great listen. Instead of focusing on elite athletes and race news these three usually bring in experts in nutrition and training to help the middle-of-the-pack-runners up their game. TRN is always packed with useful information and this trio isn’t afraid to go out on a limb and talk to some of the more controversial experts in running.

2. Ultra Runner Podcast: Beer, running, more beer and more running… who could ask for more? Eric Schranz and Scotty Sandow co-host this irreverent and lively podcast. They publish it erratically, but often enough to keep us listening and eager for the next episode. If you love trail running, then this is a must-listen podcast.

1. Talk Ultra: Ian Corliss and Hoka Athlete, Karl Meltzer co-host this beast of a podcast. Most episodes are north of 3 hours and cover everything from the latest race results to training strategies to nutrition and gear. They manage to cover ultra-running on a global scale and land interviews with all of the top athletes to discuss the most newsworthy events. The show is published every two weeks and is a perfect companion for those really long runs.

Honorable Mention iRunFar: The only reason iRunFar isn’t at the top of our list is because they do everything in text or video, so it makes it a bit tough to use as a digital driving/running companion. Simply put, Brian Powell and his crew of contributors are the authority on everything ultra. They cover more races, have access to more elite athletes, and publish more news than anyone out there.


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