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Klean Kanteen, an industry leader at providing sustainable solutions to single-use plastic, recently completed requirements including an in-depth assessment process to become a certified Benefit Corporation. Certified B Corporations are progressive businesses focused on, above all else, solving social and environmental problems. The comprehensive assessment through B Lab, a nonprofit organization that certifies B Corps, vets all aspects of company structure from human resources and codes of conduct for the supply chain, to sustainability efforts. Klean Kanteen’s mission lives true in the definition of a B Corp and the company is proud to be part of this growing and cutting-edge movement.

“Everything from our global production process and our fair labor and environmental standards, to our company structure and shared individual responsibility both inside and outside of the office is grounded in the same fundamental values from which B Corp was conceptualized”, says Danielle Cresswell, Director of Sustainability at Klean Kanteen.

Klean Kanteen products are not just a feel good choice, they are progressive, functional designs that perform a task much better than the paper, plastic and aluminum options. Not all alternatives to single use products are created equal— it is paramount to the Klean Kanteen mission to offer only Responsible Solutions that are designed with health, safety and sustainability front of mind.

“Working to earn a spot within the emergent B Corp community is not simply a badge of honor for our company,” stated Scott McGuire, Director of Sales and Marketing, “but the assessment process became a systematic way for us to enhance our already established processes and procedures while also setting a foundational structure for intentional growth in the future.”

As an industry leader, it is Klean Kanteen’s hope that stricter standards on corporate transparency as well as the growing demand for safe, healthy alternatives to plastic will help drive the industry forward. Growing consumer awareness for the hazards of everyday toxins will lead to the identification of greener chemistry and a broader range of safe, sustainable alternatives for all single-use products.


Jerry Norquist, the Executive Director of CycleOregon explains how cycling and infrastructure boosts the economy in rural communities.

Rumbling Bald

North Carolina State Parks are threatened by possible winter season closure due to budget constraints. Since Winter is the prime season for rock climbing throughout much of the southeast, climbing areas and climbers will be heavily impacted. The specific climbing areas affected by the closure would include: Rumbling Bald, Stone Mountain, Pilot Mountain, Crowder’s Mountain, Dixon School Road boulders, Cook’s Wall, Moore’s Wall, and Two Mile.

The potential closure is in the early stages of the legislative process and now is the best time to voice concern. If North Carolina’s State Parks are important to you—especially those that contain climbing areas—then write your state representatives and urge them to keep them open year round!

We need your help: please take a moment to voice your concerns using The Access Fund’s easy-to-use letter writing tool. You can simply send the letter that the Access Fund and Carolina Climbers Coalition have drafted, or take a few minutes to personalize your own letter.


Special Thanks to The Access fund and Carolina Climbers Coalition for bringing this vital issue to our attention.

CLICK HERE for more information from The Access Fund.

Access Fund presented a Bebie Leadership Award to the Triple Crown Bouldering Series and the event’s organizers, Jim Horton and Chad Wykle. The Triple Crown has contributed over $100,000 to the successful crag and boulder acquisition efforts of the Southeastern Climbers Coalition (SCC) and the Carolina Climbers Coalition, lending cash support to purchase or maintain access to areas like Hound Ears, Boat Rock, Asheboro Boulders, Horse Pens 40, Laurel Knob, Stone Fort, and Deep Creek.

Its support has also been instrumental in the success of Access Fund Land Conservation Campaign projects with the SCC at the cliffs of Steele and with the CCC in Rumbling Bald’s boulder field. Outside of the Triple Crown, Chad and Jim are active in their local climbing communities, whether stewarding local climbing areas or serving on the board of their local climbing organization.

Let’s give a big shout-out to Jim and Chad!