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KOR DELTACheck out this great article on Fast Co. Design about the new KOR Delta water vessel. The site says that the process of design serves as a template for using customer input to refine your wares, without compromise.

Kor customers asked for smaller bottles and round containers that would better fit most cup holders. Some requests were a tad more complex. People wanted handles that’d be more comfortable to grip than the existing rectangle, so KOR responded by giving the handle a slight tilt to mimic the angle of your fingers, which lengthen as you go from pinky to index.

The new shape also represents the Greek letter delta for change — hence, the name.

The resulting bottle still looks a lot like the Original KOR One, mainly because it has the same BPA-free plastic. But now the Delta is lighter, it comes in two sizes and four colors, has a removable cap for quick cleaning and a push-button safety latch to prevent spillage. The round base will also store as easily in your car as in your pack.

Check out the KOR Delta Here!